Useful npm commands

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NPM (Node Package Manager) is a great command line tool used to managed packages in your project. You can download and install it here. NPM has become an ever increasingly important tool. Here is just a couple of notes on useful commands.


Setting up blogging with Github Pages

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I’ve been looking around recently for a blogging solution and there’s quite a few choices. By far the favourite is Wordpress. However I came across a blog post by Phil Haack recently that intrigued me. It uses GitHub pages to serve up static content for a blog. The beauty of it is its fast and lightweight. In combination with the Jekyll Tool I can compile plain text blog posts into neatly formatted html.


Welcome to my blog

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Thankyou for visiting my blog. I’ve been a developer for 20 years now in London and will aim to write posts focusing on everything, but mainly web development and JS along with .Net Core stuff. Come back and visit regularly!!