I wanted to write about how I get up and running with a new angular project. This is a real beginner post but also just to show I do things. My favourite editor for all client side JS and web is definitely Visual Studio Code. Its lightweight, fast and perfect for traversing a web project. So here goes!

Creating the project

Make sure you’re up to date with the latest npm. You’ll also need the latest angular CLI package, which you can install with the following:

npm install -g @angular/cli

Next up we need to create our new project using the Angular CLI. Simply the following command including your project name, this will create a sub folder from whichever directory you’re in.

ng new my-app

At the time of writing this post, I’m using version 6.5.0 of the Angular CLI. In this version you will be prompted the following questions: Would you like to add Angular routing? Which stylesheet format would you like to use? I always choose Yes for routing and default CSS.

After a few minutes and a whirlwind of messages, you’re new angular will be ready. Open Visual Studio Code and select your new project folder.

Project files

Project Changes

There’s a couple things I want to immediately change in the project.json file. Firstly I like to have a browser window automatically open when I run the project. Secondly, I want to include some additional dependencies that we’ll need. Bootstrap is a great and common way to style your web apps so we’ll introduce that. It requires two other dependencies so go ahead and edit the project.json file to the changes I’ve made below. (The version you have available maybe different to mine at the time of writing)


Secondly, open the angular.json file. We need to include our css in the [styles] section. Add the following line below the existing src/styles.css line:


Html Changes

We’ll go ahead and build our new project shortly but to get started with a bootstrap layout, replace the contents of the index.html file with the following:

Running your webapp

Because we made changes to the package.json file we need to get NPM to do its job. Open a terminal window in VS Code (<Ctrl> + ') and type the following commands:

npm install
npm start

The install parameter will download the bootstrap packages. The start parameter build our project and launch a web server and browser.



This is the very basics on getting a new angular project going. I will continue this with next steps to layout components and routing. Until next time!