NPM (Node Package Manager) is a great command line tool used to managed packages in your project. You can download and install it here. NPM has become an ever increasingly important tool. Here is just a couple of notes on useful commands.

npm install

The install parameter is probably the most used and very important when starting a project. Used on its own and in a project folder, npm will install all dependency packages listed in the package.json file. Any dependencies installed will be placed in the node_modules folder.

npm install -g

Including the -g parameter allows packages to be installed as a global dependency and available to all projects. These are really handy for things like CLI tools, such as the angular cli tool.

npm update

The update parameter works slightly differently. Using npm update will cause dependencies in the node_modules folder to be updated.

npm outdated

The outdated parameter allows you to see which packages are updateable.

npm outdated -g –depth=0

Use this command to find outdated packages in the global section. Using this will a nice table of outdated packages.

npm outdated -g --depth=0

You can then use the update parameter to individually update each package, or everything.


Just a few helpful notes for npm if you’re starting out. I hope this helps!